Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preview The Fame Soundtrack !

Only one month til' Fame , and now we have a chance to see some of the posters for the film and preview the soundtrack , enjoy the posters and preview the soundtrack below.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

VFactory On E! News

You know once you make it on E! News , you've made it , haha . Even Seacrest said , 'The Jonas Brothers, they might wanna watch their backs. " . That's right Kevin , Nick and Joe there's a new boy band in town and they're hott! Watch the vid where Ashlyn Gorse talks to the boys at Millenium Dance studio .So happy for them *squeee!*:)

Adam Lambert's Shoot With Robert Sebree

Adam played model the other day , as he does so well , with famed photographer Robert Sebree, for some awesomely modern shots of the Idol runner -up , by the way have to say loving the wardrobe , very avant garde - rockstar . Drool over the pics above ;)


It All Begins With A Dream... yes the 1980 film Fame , is back with a brand new style and brand new cast , but the same hopes and big dreams . The film of course follows a group of talented , singers , dancers , and actors at a New York High School , one place where it doesn't matter where you're from or who you are , you are still given a chance to reach your dreams and achieve teh ultimate goal of fame , the kind that takes tireless dedication and never giving up no matter how tough it gets , the students not only have to deal with not only their creative dreams and needs ,but everything that comes along with High School itself. So with dreams at stake and hurdles to get over , who amongst them all can achieve Fame. The new film stars from fresh new faces such as Vfactory lead singer Asher Book ( one of my faves) he plays Marco , Kristie Flores as Rosie , Kay Panabaker as Jenny, Paul Iacono as Neil , Paul McGil as Kevin, Naturi Naughton as Denise, Kherington Payne as Alice, Collins Pennie as Malik , Walter Perez as Victor and Anna Marie Perez de Tagle as Joy. Familar faces include the incomparable Debbie Allen as Prinicpal Angela Simms, Kelsey Grammer as Joel Cranston and Megan Mullay as Fran Rowan. As for the newcomers, you may not now...but you're gonna remember their names.

Visit for more on the film , In theatres September 25th!

Demi Lovato Shares the Spotlight

The 16 year old Disney Darling , who is currently on tour has been extremely sweet to her young fans , at the concert she had one little girl come up and sing "This Is Me" at Nokia theatre her in L.A. , and last night Ms. Lovato invited pocket sized fan Tommy up on stage , and he definitely wasn't holding back, Watch the cute video below :)

David Archuleta Prefers To Go Solo

Archie took to his video camera , to speak to his peeps after the return of his beautiful voice, (of which you'd know he lost if you follow him on twitter) . David talks about his tour with Demi Lovato and his allergies and having his friend Ashley on tour with him (lucky b*@#! lol) . David actually seems to go on and on , guess that's what happens when you can't talk for a while haha, but we don't mind , we could listen to him all day :) Read on for David's interview with where he talked about his TCA wins , his upcoming holiday record and why he loves his solo shows . :)
On The Holiday Record:I’m really excited about the Christmas album, because it will show a side of music hat I connected to on the show, but not so much with the pop music. It’s all about those emotional and heartfelt songs"
On Touring Solo :“I love doing my own shows. Everyone who comes out to the show actually paid to come watch you perform, which is a strange thought if you really think about it — haha. The crowd feels a lot more intimate, and I feel like I’m at a more personal level at my own shows. There’s just a great vibe that I feel from the audience, and it only makes me want to put on a better show.”
On his TCA Wins :" I think the breakout artist (award) was the most surprising and exciting for me, because it feels like I’ve been able to keep myself moving forward and continuing after American Idol.”

Kelly Clarkson & A JoBro To Guest Judge Idol?

Possibly one of the oddest pairings to hit the Idol table , Joe Jonas is set to judge along side the original Idol Kelly Clarkson , (though reps for Clarkson are saying the appearance is "Untrue" , but hey you never know) anyway the two would judge next weeks Season 9 Auditions along with Randy , Simon and Kara, these two being the newest celebs to guest judge after Victoria Beckham and Mary J. Blige , other appearances on the Idol Auditions will be , Jennifer Lopez and Shania Twain, But no one can replace our Paula ;)